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PXL01 Treatment/Prevention of Post-Surgical Adhesions –Tendon Repair

PXL01 Phase 2

“PXL01 is associated with major pharmaco-economic savings and improved Quality of Daily Life”

PXL01 is the world’s first pharmaceutical to target post-surgical adhesion formation and scar prevention. This is an area of high unmet medical need as adhesions cause restricted mobility and pain to millions of patients world-wide. Current medical device barriers have failed to show adequate efficacy and have been associated with severe adverse effects and complicated handling. PXL01 is developed to overcome these irreversible obstacles in conjunction with tendon repair surgery. A Phase II clinical trial has recently been completed, with a positive outcome, in hand surgery. In addition, PXL01 may prevent excessive dermal scarring after surgery.

Tendon Injuries

 “Revolutionary new concept in biosurgery may benefit millions with hand injuries e.g. sports onjuries, bike accidents( as in the case of U2’s Bono) and other accidental traumas at home or at work.”


Revolutionary new concept in biosurgery

Preclinical, Phase 1-2, Phase 3

PXL Timeline

Collagen Mimetic Peptides (CMP) for Tissue repair and Wound Healing

Cellastra has recently entered into an agreement with a European company for global rights to develop proprietary collagen mimetic peptides as a bio matrix for wound healing and tissue repair.

A smart bio matrix should:

Be adhesive but porous to allow cell proliferation, revascularization, and biologic interactions – Critical to[k1]  establish functional anatomy/physiology of wound area

Have good physical and mechanical properties

Be Non-Immunogenic

Be scalable and affordable


Advantages with CMPs:

• Tailored to fit different types of wounds (skin, cornea etc.)
• Stable & Elastic
• Resistant to enzymatic degradation
• Attract Natural Stem Cells / Exosomes
• Enable Extended Release of Stem Cells / Exosomes