PXL01 is the world’s first pharmaceutical to target post-surgical adhesion formation and scar prevention. This is an area of high unmet medical need as adhesions cause restricted mobility and pain to millions of patients world-wide. Current medical device barriers have failed to show adequate efficacy and have been associated with severe adverse effects and complicated handling. PXL01 is developed to overcome these irreversible obstacles in conjunction with tendon repair surgery. A Phase II clinical trial has recently been completed, with a positive outcome, in hand surgery. In addition, PXL01 may prevent excessive dermal scarring after surgery.

Advanced wound care represents a business area of more than 15 billion USD in annual sales. Cellastra estimates its two main product areas to have a combined peak sales potential of more than USD 1 billion.



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Cellastra uniquely blends stem cell engineering, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics for characterization of human stem cells applied in therapeutics development.