Karl L. Mettinger, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Karl MettingerDr. Mettinger has more than 30 years of experience as an executive in the life science industry, and has been involved with the successful development of new therapeutics, including a number of oncology, hematology, cardiovascular and CNS drugs and biologic products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and other regulatory agencies worldwide. Dr. Mettinger is the Principal and Founder of Progressive Clinical partners and helped accelerate and facilitate approvals of a novel oral breakthrough therapy in lymphoma and leukemia, leading to the USD21B market cap and acquisition. He was also a consultant to Philantropist/Investor Edward Bosarge (Capital Technologies, Houston and Tissue Genesis LLC, Honolulu) helping establish a franchise in cellular therapeutics/Regenerative Medicine. He served as Medical Director of Hematology and as Deputy General Manager of the cardiovascular business unit, of Kabi (Pharmacia, now part of Pfizer), in Sweden, as Medical Director/Executive Director at IVAX Corporation (acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., NASDAQ:TEVA); Chief Medical Officer/Senior Vice President at SuperGen, (Astex, acquired by Otsuka); Chief Medical Officer at Oncolytics Biotech Inc, AB (NASDAQ: ONCY; TSX: ONC); co-founder and past President of the Swedish Stroke Society, a 10,000-member stroke research and patient support organization. Dr. Mettinger received his M.D. from the University of Lund in Sweden and his Ph.D. in Hematology/Neurology from, and is a former Associate Professor of, the Karolinska Institutet/Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.


Henrik (Hank) K Kulmala, PhD

Senior Vice President, Product Development/Regulatory Affairs

Henrik K. KulmalaDr. Kulmala has more than 30 years of life sciences experience He has worked closely with FDA and International regulatory agencies as a principal on numerous marketing applications (NDAs/MAAs) and INDs, involving some 75 drugs in various therapeutic areas. He joined the pharmaceutical industry as a medical/ regulatory writer at Marion Merrell Dow in Cincinnati. He became Manager of Technical Composition at the R&D Operations of Fujisawa USA, Inc. Astellas)
in Illinois, where he was responsible for writing and organizing the New Drug Application for Prograf (tacrolimus), . a multibillion dollar drug in liver transplantation, and other projects. Dr. Kulmala served as Director of Regulatory Affairs for Curatek Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Vice President Regulatory Affairs Quark Pharmaceuticals and Genix Therapeutics. For more than 20 years he has served as a consultant in areas of Product Development/ Regulatory Affairs, writing/organizing marketing applications in numerous therapeutic areas including Regenerative Medicine, asthma, oncology, diabetes mellitus, infections, and gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and renal disorders. Dr. Kulmala also has extensive translational experience advancing numerous drugs into human trials by preparing INDs and worked on device and drug-device combinations and biotechnology applications in early to late-stage clinical development. After earning a doctorate at The University of Chicago in Pharmacological & Physiological Sciences he served as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Northeastern Ohio University College.


Kent Persson, PhD

Co-Founder, Director, and Scientific Advisor

Kent PerssonDr. Persson is an experienced cell and molecular biologist with over 14 years research expertise in genomics and molecular-cellular biology. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Umeå University in Sweden and did a Postdoctoral Fellowship in gene expression research at the University of California San Francisco. Currently, Dr. Persson is a Senior Scientist/Project Manager with the Biopharmaceutical Division of Octapharma AB, Stockholm, Sweden, where he oversees Cell and Molecular Biology and manages process analysis development, introducing new molecular biology techniques including development of technologies in cell culturing, recombinant protein production, and molecular biological IND filings. Previously, Dr. Persson was a Senior Scientist in the Gene Expression Division of Bio-Rad Laboratories in California, participated in research and development of gene expression tools and led technical training in genetic analysis.


Magda Forsberg, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Magda ForsbergDr. Forsberg obtained her Ph.D. in animal development and epigenetics from Uppsala University in Sweden, and did a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Reprogramming and Neurobiology at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and is the author of publications exploring fundamental aspects of cell biology. Dr. Forsberg, who became an Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, has worked in the development of cell replacement therapy for neuro-degenerative diseases, focusing on stem cell biology, cell differentiation and clinical applications. Dr. Forsberg is currently President & CEO of DVL-op MEDICO Inc, based in Valencia, CA, involved in the production and commercialization of medical devices.


Daniel Quintero

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary

Kent Persson Daniel Quintero has a long and distinguished career in Silicon Valley and the Bay area. He is a Founding Partner and Managing Partner of Prometheus Partners LLP, a diverse group of accomplished former Big Law Partners and Executive In House counsel committed to supporting innovation.  Mr. Quintero was previously the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Sony Optiarc America Inc., where he concurrently served as Senior Managing Counsel and Director for Sony Electronics Inc. and managed Sony's Silicon Valley law department operations. His responsibilities included advising executive management and the board of directors of a multi-national corporation, and negotiating and structuring multi-million and multi-billion dollar engagements. Mr. Quintero is largely well respected for his views on innovation and technology and was named one of California’s Top 20 General Counsel by the Daily Journal in 2012. . Mr. Quintero received his undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco (USF), and received his law degree from Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall), University of California at Berkeley.



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