A late clinical stage, private biotech company, founded and managed by proven industry executives

Break Through Therapeutics & Regenerative Medicine


Cellastra Inc. is a late clinical stage therapeutics and regenerative medicine company in San Francisco, founded and managed by experienced executives with proven track record delivering multibillion dollar products. Our aim is to create and develop break through therapeutics for unmet needs. Our late stage program involves accelerating tissue repair and wound healing while preventing post-surgical scarring.

Cellasta’s Strategy:

• To identify and in-license disruptive technologies initially in tissue repair and wound healing
• To multiply value by completing preclinical/clinical development via partnerships with world class institutions, CIRM, NIH 
• To monetize programs by partnering with pharmaceutical companies at relevant milestones of clinical development, approval, or commercialization


Cellastra’s Assets:

• Building portfolio of proprietary products selected and managed by international management and advisory team with proven track records 
• Significant experience in discovery and clinical development in Tissue Repair, Wound Healing and Regenerative Medicine 
• Strong financing track record with extensive networking reach

Cellastra Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California at:

388 Market Street, Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: [+1] 844-890-6316
Fax [+1] 415-525-4134


For further information contact info@cellastra.com or Karl L. Mettinger,
President & CEO, at