Disruptive peptide found for the prevention of dysfunctional scarring while restoring nerve and tendon function after injury repair surgery

• Cellastra and Promore Pharma complete co-development agreement

• First indication in prevention of post-surgical scarring and adhesions after tendon and nerve repair in hands, arms and feet. Other indications to follow

• Cellastra to undertake clinical development, regulatory approval and commercialization in North America.

• Multicenter phase 3 study in US and Canada to begin in 2017

San Francisco, CA, May 11, 2017. Cellastra, Inc., a developer of late stage pharmaceutical assets announced today that the company has completed the previously announced (December 2016) co-development and licensing agreement with Promore Pharma AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
The agreement involves strategic collaboration for the global phase 3 clinical development of a proprietary therapeutic peptide, PXL01, and subsequent registration and commercialization in US and Canada. The agreement also gives Cellastra exclusive right to Promore’s intellectual property related to PXL01 for the North American territory.
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Cellastra Inc. announces appointment of new board member: Brad Thompson, PhD, previous Chair of BIOTECanada

Canadian biotech veteran and CEO of Kickshaw Ventures Ltd. takes board position in San Francisco based Cellastra Inc. to help with fundraising, manufacturing and corporate development.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 18, 2017 – Cellastra Inc., a late clinical stage developer of pharmaceutical assets, today announced the appointment of Brad Thompson, PhD as a new member of the company’s board of directors. “This is a timely and important addition to our board as we recently announced the signing of a term sheet towards a strategic collaboration with Promore Pharma for the Phase III clinical development of PXL01” said Karl L Mettinger, MD, PhD, Cellastra’s President and CEO. “We are preparing initiation of the US Phase 3 study later this year for subsequent registration and marketing in the US and Canada.” “We welcome Dr Thompson to our board to strengthen our fundraising, manufacturing and corporate development,” said Alan Lewis, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Cellastra. See More


Break Through Therapeutics & Regenerative Medicine

Cellastra Inc. is a late clinical stage therapeutics and regenerative medicine company in San Francisco, founded and managed by experienced executives with proven track record delivering multibillion dollar products. Our aim is to create and develop break through therapeutics for unmet needs. Our late stage program involves accelerating tissue repair and wound healing while preventing post-surgical scarring.


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Promore Pharma and Cellastra Inc. announce Phase III clinical collaboration to develop therapeutic peptide PXL01 for the US market.
PXL01 first indication targets major unmet need for prevention of post-surgical adhesions after tendon- and nerve-repair procedures.
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 21, 2016 – Promore Pharma, a specialist biopharmaceutical developer of therapeutic peptides, and Cellastra Inc., a clinical stage developer of pharmaceutical assets, today announced the signing of a term sheet, towards a strategic collaboration for the Phase III clinical development of PXL01 and subsequent registration and marketing in the US and Canada.….More