Cell Based Therapeutics & Regenerative Medicine

Cellastra Inc. is a cellular therapeutics and regenerative medicine company that aims to develop, patent and commercialize innovative technologies for developing human stem cell and other cellular therapeutics and research tools for creating regenerative medicines.


Cellastra’s Unique Assets

CellastraHSC™ lines: Cellastra's mission is to support development of the world's highest quality stem cell and other cell lines to expedite therapeutic and research applications. These clinical grade proprietary cell lines will be made available to collaborators in the biomedical industry and research laboratories under special agreements. These cell lines will be used to create regenerative medicines with applications for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases as well as diabetes, blood disorders, liver and kidney ailments. Some cell lines may be applicable for discovery of novel cancer therapies, and cancer. Animal models transplanted with human stem cells for drug discovery and toxicology are also under development.